Local Folks Foods Diced Tomatoes

Image 1Local Folks Diced Tomatoes is one of Karen’s finds.  She told me about it right after the first of the year, and it has taken a while to get around to sharing it with you.  There are so many reasons to love Local Folks Foods.  Steve and Anita Spencer are seventh generation farmers on Indiana land their family has owned since 1838.  Very cool!  Their excess harvests were the catalyst for a line of all natural, wholesome foods.  The Spencers concentrated on simple ingredients highlighting the flavors of midwest America.  They also partnered with Paul Skirvin, who had many years of experience with organic and natural foods, to expand their product line.  This makes a pretty great artisan food story, but the partners didn’t stop there.  They facilitated a network of family farmers, farm cooperatives and processors throughout the Midwest, creating new outlets for family farm products.

Their focus on Midwestern flavors is complemented by their commitment to healthy ingredients.  Local Folks Foods products do not contain corn syrup, gluten, genetically modified or artificial ingredients.  They are fat free and have lower sodium levels.  The products are packaged in recyclable glass containers.  More reasons to love them!

Karen really liked Local Folks Foods Diced Tomatoes.  She found a recipe at simplyrecipes.com for fettuccine with sausage and tomato cream sauce.  She tweaked the spices a little to suit their tastes, and said it was delicious.  With a cup of heavy cream added to the tomato sauce, it would just have to be good!  We chatted about how we were both using more cream in our cooking, and I told her my tweak to this recipe would be to add about a quarter cup of vodka.  There is something about cooking tomatoes with vodka that really brings out their flavor.

So we love the product and we especially love supporting American family farms. Check out Local Folks Foods website to order their products or find a local source near you.  I’m looking forward to hearing from Karen about Local Folks Foods Enchilada Sauce!

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