Chocolove Cherries & Almonds In Dark Chocolate

I’ve recently been trying to decide whether artisan and gourmet foods are available in more places than ever before, or if my gourmet food radar is just improving.  Maybe it is some of both, but I’m continuously (and pleasantly) surprised to find fantastic gourmet foods where I least expect them.  Such was the case last week when I ate several meals at a hospital cafeteria.  My reason for lunching there involves a long story, but it had a happy ending.  Anyway, I was standing in line to pay for my pre-made, cellophane-bagged ham and cheese sandwich (á la 7-Eleven), when I spotted this beautifully wrapped chocolate bar.


For a split second, I considered returning the sandwich to its bin and going straight to dessert!  However, I dutifully ate about half the sandwich, then unwrapped my special treat.  The chocolate inside was just as beautiful as its packaging.


The sweet and chewy Michigan cherries, crunchy dry roasted almonds, and creamy, melt-in-your-mouth 55% cocoa Belgian dark chocolate were love at first bite.  That verdict was unanimous among the tasters, and the bar was gone in a flash.

Timothy Moley is the chocolate genius behind Boulder Colorado’s Chocolove, and describes his venture into gourmet food production as a classic entrepreneurial tale with a dream, a garage, and over extended credit cards.   The dream started when Timothy was in an Indonesian cocoa field.  His goal was to create premium chocolate with an aura of romance.   He studied the art and science of European chocolate-making and targeted American consumers who appreciated premium chocolate.  Chocolove’s packaging resembles a love letter postmarked in a faraway place, and each inside wrapper contains a love poem.  Chocolate lovers, rejoice, as Timothy’s dream included making his chocolate bars affordable enough to be a daily treat.  Timothy sets the example by enjoying 2 bars daily and with 24 flavors, boredom is not likely!

Fortunately, Chocolove is not just available in hospital cafeterias.  Order from the company’s website, or use their “Find a Store” function to locate some close to home.  You will love this decadent chocolate bar!

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