How do you find the foods you review?

We are always on the alert for artisan, local, regional and specialty foods.  Friends and family make recommendations, we attend events where artisan foods are promoted, we find them on travels, surf the web, and sometimes run across them when we least expect it.

Do the artisans pay for your reviews?

We do not receive any compensation from producers for blogging about their food products and we purchase the products we review.

Your product reviews are all positive and everything out there probably isn’t good.  What gives?

As our name implies, we are sharing foods we love, how we serve them, and how we use them in recipes.  We aren’t professional food critics, so we don’t blog about foods we didn’t like.  Tastes are definitely different, and we might pass by something that you love; on the other hand, we might be crazy about something that you aren’t.

What about nutrition information?

We aren’t qualified to independently assess nutrition information, especially when we provide recipes, and that really isn’t our focus.  We share details from food labels when helpful, such as gluten-free, low sodium, or organic.

Who does the photography of your food finds?

With the exception of shots taken by food producers, we do the photography on the blog.  It should be quickly apparent that we are not professional photographers or food stylists.  We don’t spend hours achieving the perfect lighting and presentation.  The photos on the blog are snapped just a few minutes before we serve the food to family and friends, and are minimally edited before they are uploaded.

Can I order foods you love directly from you?

Not at this time, but we’ve talked about that possibility in the future.

I would like to recommend a food product for you to review.  How can I do that?

We love information from readers about great foods!  Please see the Contact page for more information.


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