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Pretzel Pete Gourmet Pretzel Nuggets

Was your first thought, “ho-hum, the grocery aisles are full of pretzels”?  That was kind of my reaction when I saw  Pretzel Pete Gourmet Pretzel Nuggets on the shelf, but I did a double-take when I saw the “spicy-hot!” logo and realized they were sour cream & habanero flavored.  Wow!  I picked up a box, and also bought a box of honey mustard flavor since Allen is not always a fan of super spicy foods. Pretzel Pete I poured myself a cold drink (a fire extinguisher, if needed) and prepared for taste-testing.  I was pretty excited to see the pretzels were made from sourdough, which is my favorite bread.  Ever.   The first bite was awesome!   The pretzel is softer than most, but has a very hearty crunch.  The sourdough flavor is yummy, yet the seasoning is definitely the star.  Fiery habanero flavor is balanced nicely with cool sour cream.  Allen wandered in while I was enjoying my snack,  and before I could warn him about the spice factor, he had popped a pretzel nugget in his mouth.  Surprisingly, he loved it, so the heat is not overwhelming for those who can’t tolerate as much.  We immediately broke out the honey mustard flavor to try and found them to be really different from the national brands.  Flavor permeates each bite, and isn’t overwhelmed by salt. Karl Brown, President of the family company that makes Pretzel Pete Gourmet Pretzel Nuggets, was kind enough to share the unique process that makes the pretzels so great.  They are made in single “slow” batches, and soaked in  seasonings.  Karl said other companies’ pretzel products are simply sprayed with seasoning as they move along a conveyer belt, a method he described as a “20-second shower”.  By contrast, Pretzel Pete nuggets get a “4-minute bath” in seasonings.  So no wonder the pretzels are so flavorful!  The pretzels all have complementary seasonings:  honey and mustard, sour cream and habanero, garlic and parmesan cheese (gotta find these!), and cheddar and ale.  The pretzels are baked to a softer finish than most, giving them a very distinctive texture. Pretzel Pete sounds like a character straight out of the old west, but the company is located in Pennsylvania.  The customer testimonial page on the company’s website shows the world-wide reach of this snack.  People from Germany, Australia, all over the United States, and some of our military heroes in Afghanistan wrote to say how much they love Pretzel Pete Gourmet Pretzel Nuggets.   We heartily agree! Like many artisan foods, finding Pretzel Pete products might be a challenge, but so worth the effort!  They are most often found in gourmet food and specialty stores, but the most reliable source is the company’s website. Where to buy Pretzel Pete Gourmet Pretzel Nuggets


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