The Original Bloomer Candy Company Chocolate Peanut Butter Logs

DSC01530We love this candy!  It brings dreamy chocolate together with the crispy, crunchy taste of vintage peanut butter logs.  The box we bought was empty before we knew it!  The Original Bloomer Candy Company has been operating in Zanesville, Ohio for more than 100 years.  The company’s products are literally a part of American history, and maybe part of your own personal history,too.  Orange slices, Bit-O-Honey and circus peanuts are just a few of the retro treats available on Bloomer’s website.  I wonder how many Dum Dums, Bloomer’s fruit-flavored pops, Karen and I received at the end of children’s choir practice at church!

The company prides itself not only on maintaining its history of producing quality candies, but also to its commitment to middle-class American values.  This video from Bloomer’s website expresses the company’s operating philosophy, and shows the level of mutual commitment between employer and employees that provides the foundation for its success.

Grab yourself a sweet taste of American candy history with some of The Original Bloomer Candy Company’s treats.

Update — November 14, 2016

A reader reached out to us to find Bloomer’s products, and sadly, it looks like The Original Bloomer Candy Company is no longer in business.  Please contact us if you have information about this great company.



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6 responses to “The Original Bloomer Candy Company Chocolate Peanut Butter Logs

  1. Ada George

    Am looking to buy Bloomers candy. Heard it moved to columbus ohio. Can not find any info. about it. Use to buy it in Zanesville all the time.

  2. Deb

    Hi, Ada! Our attempts to located any information about The Original Bloomer Candy Company have been unsuccessful. We are officially bummed about it!

  3. Floyd Brown

    How stupid was Star Candy to let Bloomer Candy die.

  4. Deb

    It is very sad that these products are no longer available!

  5. Ruth Patterson

    my goodness..the BEST cream peanut clusters ever…so sad….

  6. katherine martin

    So sad. It was tradition for our family to receive Bloomers chocolate basket. I wanted to revive that tradition and send each of my children a basket of their wonderful chocolate. Please share any new info.

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