Cherith Valley Gardens Mango-Lime Salsa

We seriously are not on the payroll of the marketing department at Cherith Valley Gardens; we just love their products!  Their Mango-Lime Salsa is one of our favorites with generous bits of sweet mango, spicy jalapenos, and cilantro.  We really enjoy it over grilled fish and chicken, and it is a tasty change of pace from tomato salsa for a chip and dip plate.

Our friend and CVG owner, Terri Werner, recently posted a crockpot recipe on Facebook I knew I had to try, although we normally don’t do much crockpot cooking at our house.  I’m usually not organized enough on weekday mornings to complete dinner prep before I get my workday started, and on weekends, I like to be a lot more hands-on in the kitchen.  However, when I looked at my busy schedule for the week, Terri’s recipe sounded pretty perfect, first, because we love CVG’s Mango-Lime Salsa; second, the prep work couldn’t take more than about three minutes; and finally, I already had all the ingredients on hand.  Done deal, or so I thought.  My schedule got even crazier than I expected and the super-easy early morning recipe prep I had planned just didn’t happen, so we were in restaurants for dinner way more than we like.  By the weekend, I was running on empty and the crockpot was beginning to look like a life saver.

CVG Mango Line SalsaOn Sunday morning, I lined the crockpot with the genius disposable liners that make clean-up a snap, added 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts straight from the freezer, poured CVG Mango-Lime Salsa over the chicken and pressed “Go” on the crockpot.  The chicken cooked over low heat for about 7 hours, during which I took a very long nap!  When the chicken was done, I took it out of the crockpot and stirred in one cup of heavy cream to make a decadent sauce.  Could this be any easier?

Crockpot Mango Lime ChickenWe enjoyed the chicken over rice, with a green salad and some fresh bread.  The chicken was fall-apart tender and the creamy sauce was subtly sweet and spicy.  It was definitely the best meal of the week, and as an added bonus, the leftovers were even better the following day.  I’ve said it before: having artisan and specialty food products in my pantry makes it easy to create delicious meals for  family and friends.  CVG condiments, sauces, relishes and salsas offer great taste and convenience, so  they are often on the menu at our house.

Cherith Valley Gardens marks its 20th anniversary this month, and since the beginning, the Werner Family has focused on providing the finest in gourmet foods from their family to yours.  Well done, dear friends!  Read more about the company’s history and get some of their tasty products for your pantry.  Be sure to try their Hot n’ Spicy Corn Relish, too.  It makes some amazing cornbread.

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