RoRo’s Baking Company is Growing!


Photo credit: Kortnee Kate Photography for RoRo’s Baking Company

We’ve had RoRo’s Baking Company on our radar screen for more than a year.  Karen and I flipped over their Cinn-A-Rolls and we loved the company’s story.  Amy’s grandmother (RoRo) had delighted family members and friends with her handmade cinnamon rolls for years.  Orders started coming in, and RoRo started a small business from her home kitchen.  Shortly after Amy got married, she had a vision of expanding RoRo’s reach outside the immediate circle of friends and family.  Her husband, Lauren, was on board and soon the three were renting time in a shared catering kitchen and selling Cinn-A-Rolls wholesale to specialty grocers.  With the launch of crescent-style Dinn-A-Rolls, and increasing popularity of both products, adequate time in the catering kitchen and inventory storage has become a challenge inhibiting the company’s growth.

Growing a business isn’t easy.  Financing for new businesses is often hard to find, and even more often, expensive.  RoRo’s creative funding solution?  Kickstarter, a project funding source that allows the owners of creative endeavors to solicit financial pledges from volunteer backers.  RoRo’s wants to raise $35,000 by February 28 to build out their own commercial kitchen.  Customers and fans of RoRo’s products can participate in the company’s growth by pledging funds to help with this expansion project.  In return, RoRo’s is offering  “rewards” for different support levels.  You can support RoRo’s with as little as a $1 pledge or as much as $1,500.  For a small $10 pledge, RoRo’s will donate a pan of Cinn-A-Rolls to our military personnel serving overseas.  Don’t you love that?  If for any reason, RoRo’s does not meet their $35,000 support level, pledges will not have to be fulfilled.  We can’t see a downside here, can you?

We love RoRo’s Cinn-A-Rolls and Dinn-A-Rolls, and have already made our pledge.  As of Sunday, February 3rd, Amy, Lauren, and RoRo have 24 days to raise over $32,000.  Head over to their Kickstarter page and help them raise the dough they need to grow!

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