34° Cracked Pepper Crispbread

DSC01477I heard about this Denver, Colorado company by way of Talladega, Alabama.  That’s where my brother and sister-in-law were traveling when they noticed 34°.  They were stocking their hotel room with snacks during a business trip, and ran across 34° products at a local market.  I got an email report on how much they enjoyed the Cracked Pepper Crispbread the same day they arrived back home, which was my clue to search them out in Dallas as soon as possible.  I had to make a few stops before finding them at Market Street.  (Note to Karen – we have to go to Market Street in Colleyville on your next visit.  You are going to love it!)  Because Primizie Crispbreads were already on our radar screen, I had a preconceived notion of what 34° would be like, but I was wrong.  While Primizie Crispbreads are hearty and crunchy, 34° Crispbreads are very delicate and crisp.  So same name, both very yummy, but distinctly different.

You’ve heard the term “wafer-thin”, right?  34° Crispbreads might be the wafers that set the standard.  These super-crisp crackers are almost translucently thin.  They have generous flecks of cracked black pepper, rustic shapes and a cool swirl design.  Best of all, they are scrumptious!  The company’s website recommends enjoying the crackers with cheese, so I tried them with some gouda.  The cracker provided a very satisfying crunch with a little pepper heat without overwhelming the cheese.  They are also extremely tasty straight from the box, just as the carton promises!

Craig Lieberman found his passion for fine foods as a grad student in Australia.  He was inspired to import specialty foods from Australia and operated his Colorado-based business until 2008, when he decided to change course and produce his own foods.   Native Australian crispbreads were the inspiration for his 34° crackers, which were created especially to complement cheeses.  In addition to the cracked pepper flavor, 34° offers natural, sesame, rosemary, and whole grain.  The company’s website has an easy search feature to find a retailer close to you.  These crackers would be great to keep on hand for easy entertaining!


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