Abdallah Pecan Grizzlies

You know those days when you just wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed?  Today was one of those days.  It started with the weather.  Snow and ice in Texas are problems — really big problems, especially when I have to get out and about.  As soon as the driveway was navigable, I was on my merry (or not) way.  I won’t bore you with the details, but nothing went as planned the entire day, and by the time I headed home, I was not in a happy place.    I had to make one final stop, and as I was paying for my purchases, I looked down and saw a yummy-looking pecan-covered caramel candy on the counter.  I picked it up, turned it over to find a dollop of chocolate in the center of the caramel, and I wondered if this sweet morsel would turn around my less than perfect day.  Although I usually have a healthy skepticism about merchandise positioned at the checkout counter, at that weak moment, it seemed worth a try.  When I read on the label the candy was made by a fourth generation family-owned business, it seemed like an even better bet.

Albert and Helen Abdallah opened their Minneapolis corner store in 1909, selling candy, flowers, cigars and fruit.  The company’s website chronicles the family business with vintage photographs of their locations during Prohibition and World War II, and their reopening after the Great Depression.  The family now operates their chocolate shoppe in Burnsville, Minnesota, and has a very nice online store.  Online shopping could be almost as exciting as standing in front of the candy counter because you can select from more than one hundred varieties in half-pound weights to fill your own custom box.  How much fun would it be to choose Grizzlies and Alligators for your box?

DSC01386 I would definitely choose Pecan Grizzlies any day.  They are basically inside-out turtles with pecans and caramel on the outside instead of being covered with chocolate as turtles are.  The pecans were fresh, the caramel was creamy, and the chocolate made it a classic candy.  I really, really loved them, and Allen did, too.  It would probably be a good idea to have an emergency box of Pecan Grizzlies on hand for the next challenging day!


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5 responses to “Abdallah Pecan Grizzlies

  1. Shantel Vallery

    Where can I purchase online?

  2. Deb

    Here’s a link to Abdallah’s web store. http://www.abdallahcandies.com/create-your-own-box.cfm. You can create your own box of chocolates. How fun!

  3. Mary Kilibarda

    Where can I purchase the pecan log rolls. I have a hardware store & would like to stock them possibly. Thank you

  4. Avery

    Here’s an Abdallah Candies tip, if you can’t find it on their website call their store in Burnsville, MN and place on order over the phone, they ship right from their store.

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