Henning’s Natural Chipotle Cheddar Cheese

Henning's ChipotleWisconsin is home to some really great cheeses, as practically everyone knows.  Our latest tasting included Henning’s Natural Chipotle Cheddar Cheese.  This visually appealing white cheddar is laced with spicy roasted jalapeño peppers.    It looks beautiful on a cheese tray, which is how we enjoyed it recently. Have you ever wondered about the difference between white and yellow cheddar?  It simply boils down to color.  Cheddar cheese is naturally white, and the familiar yellow color of many cheddar cheeses results from adding a plant-based extract called annatto.  Henning’s white cheddar is aged over a month and we thought it fell into the “mild” category, with less tang than an sharp cheddar which has been aged for a longer period.  Chipotle peppers are simply smoked jalapeños, but that process yields a very complex flavor that is popular in Texas and the Southwest.  White cheddar and chipotle peppers combined?  Completely addictive!  Henning’s Chipotle Cheddar has won awards in U.S. and world cheese competitions, and it definitely will win over your taste buds.

Our tasting combined Henning’s Natural Chipotle Cheddar with crisp, unflavored crackers and some smoked sausage, and it was superb.  The potential uses for it in recipes seems endless.  Nachos and Mexican casseroles immediately came to mind, but Allen thought it would be fantastic atop a juicy grilled burger, and everyone agreed.  That will be on the menu on the next warm weekend, which in Texas could be at any time!

Chipotle Cheese

We introduced you to the Henning Family’s cheese business and Kerry Henning, the “Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker”, when we tasted his award-winning aged peppercorn cheddar.  The family is committed to local dairy farmers who pasture-feed their cows and supplement their diets with a balance of natural grains.  The Hennings have almost 100 years in the cheese making business, and have won numerous national and international awards.  Their website offers easy ordering for their great cheese products.

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