Robinhood Meetinghouse Layered Cream Cheese Biscuits

Restaurant menus have been the launching pad for a number of gourmet or artisan food products on the market and such is the case with RobinhoodDSC01109 Meetinghouse Layered Cream Cheese Biscuits.  Chef Michael Gagné was working in Virginia when he decided to challenge the much-loved, traditional southern biscuit.  By implementing the “laminating” process that layers butter and pastry dough in croissants and puff pastry, he created an elegant, flaky biscuit.  Chef Gagné returned to his home in Maine to raise his young daughters and opened Robinhood Meetinghouse, a fine dining restaurant.  Guests were treated to baskets of his piping hot, layered cream cheese biscuits.  Soon, Chef Gagné’s daughters were selling biscuits to-go from the restaurant’s back porch, and a delivery business followed.

I often peruse frozen food cases at gourmet markets looking for something new to try, and on a recent visit to Central Market, I found these layered cream cheese biscuits.  Cream cheese pastry is the best in my book.  The biscuits are frozen unbaked, and in 25 minutes, we had hot, flaky biscuits on the breakfast table.  They rose to amazing heights while baking, and they retained a traditional biscuit crumb while being extra light and flaky.  The taste was phenomenal with the delicious tang of cream cheese and a decadent buttery flavor.  The package describes these luscious biscuits as “the love child born of a biscuit and a croissant”.  Yes, they are that good! They would be delicious in a strawberry shortcake and the family’s website has innovative ideas for one-bite appetizers that would be perfect for any gathering.

Cream Cheese Biscuits

Chef Gagné’s daughters are now grown, and they have joined him in his restaurant business.  The biscuits that became the signature food item for the Robinhood Meetinghouse have now become the anchor product in a growing bakery business.  Triple ginger biscuits, double chocolate biscuits, sweet potato biscuits, and pecan sticky buns are just a few of their bakery items.  If they are only half as delicious as the layered cream cheese biscuits, they would be a delight.  Order some today to have on hand for holiday house guests or to simply wow your family!

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