Rumiano Family Organic Monterey Jack Cheese

Rumiano Family Organic CheeseThe packaging on this cheese tells the story, “4 generations of the Rumiano Family bringing you the best tasting organic hand-crafted cheese on the planet!”   I could probably end the commentary at this point and start enjoying some really exceptional organic cheese, but since I can’t share a taste with you, I will continue telling the story.  We were introduced to the Rumiano Family when we tasted their Garlic Jack Cheese, which was truly awesome. When Owen Rumiano contacted us to share some information on the family’s organic line of cheeses, we searched out their organic Monterey Jack at our local Whole Foods Market.

You might think the fourth-generation owners of the oldest family-owned cheese company in California would be resting comfortably on their laurels.  Instead, they are leading their industry with the only certified non-GMO cheeses in the world.  This video shows the justifiable pride the family has in its operations including sustainable farming practices, humane treatment of the “happy” grass-fed cows that produce milk for their cheeses, a robust recycling program, and energy efficiency that includes some of their employees riding bicycles to work!

However admirable a company’s business model is, it must also have a good product, and the Rumiano Family definitely delivers.  Monterey Jack is a Rumiano MJ platedlight-colored, semi-hard cheese with a mild flavor.  Rich Jersey cow milk gives Rumiano’s organic Monterey Jack a very creamy texture and buttery flavor.  We enjoyed it in a very simple presentation, cubing the cheese and serving it with slices of smoked sausage.  It was so very tasty!  As smooth and creamy as it was at room temperature, it would surely melt beautifully in a queso recipe or casserole.  A Cheesy Portobello Mushroom recipe on the company’s website looks like an excellent way to test that melting quality!

There is a store locator on the website so you can find Rumiano Organic Monterey Jack cheese in your area, or you can order directly from the Rumiano Cheese Company.  This cheese is guaranteed to please your palate and your social conscience!

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