Wackym’s Kitchen Snicker Doodles

It’s almost time for Santa to start making his rounds.  How he manages to deliver all those toys in just one evening has always been a mystery.  An even bigger question might be what he thinks about all those sweet treats left by hopeful boys and girls.  Somewhere around 4:00 AM, does he loathe the sight of yet another chocolate chip cookie?  It seems only hospitable to leave Santa a snack  as unique as his mission, and Wackym’s Kitchen has the perfect solution.

We’ve been happily eating our way through Paul Wackym’s entire line of delicious gourmet cookies.  We started with Margarita Cookies, then went crazy over his Salted Caramel Cookies.  I picked up a package of Snicker Doodles recently, because who doesn’t love this classic cinnamon sugar cookie for the Christmas season?  The first bite was sweet crispy cinnamon awesomeness just as I had anticipated, but there was an unexpected kick of heat at the end.  I scrambled quickly for the package to read what I had missed earlier.  The cookies are described as “crunchy cinnamon toast cookies with a spicy finish”, which is courtesy of cayenne pepper!  It’s hard to describe much I love these cookies, but I could mention that I ate 3 before I managed to get out the camera to share them with you.  Paul had told us about his passion for finding the perfect combination of unusual ingredients in his cookies and I’ll give these spicy snickerdoodles a five-star rating!

Wackym’s Kitchen cookies would be welcome gifts and are extremely well-priced.  A tin of approximately 4 dozen cookies (about one pound) is priced at $25 including shipping.  Eight dozen cookies with up to four different flavors in a very attractive keepsake photo box is less than $50.  Don’t forget to save some for Santa!  And one last thing – as of this moment, Wackym’s Kitchen’s Facebook page is just 9 “likes” short of 500.  Click over now and help get it over the top!

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