Mother Rucker’s Peppermint Cookie Brittle

Black Friday is ignored at our house.  There is nothing I want or need badly enough to engage in the shopping madness that seems to begin earlier and earlier each year.  Instead, I usually take advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend to get the Christmas decorations up, and browse magazines and cookbooks for holiday menu ideas.  I usually end up with enough options to bake 24/7 from December 1 to Christmas Eve!  After several years of too many late nights in the kitchen trying to make just one more batch of cookies or dipping 300 coconut bonbons in chocolate, I’ve learned to scale back a bit.  Maybe more than a bit.

Thankfully, there many great artisan and gourmet foods available to help round out holiday tables or fill gift lists.  The possibilities seem endless from savory to sweet at price points suitable for any budget.  The food producers further tempt us with holiday gift baskets and seasonal flavors. We shared Mother Rucker’s Cinnamon Cookie Brittle with you a while back because it knocked us out with its delicate spicy crunch.  When we saw the holiday flavors Mother Rucker had baked up, we were all in.  It was hard to choose from cocoa, eggnog, gingerbread and peppermint flavors, but peppermint won out.  This cookie should definitely be on your shopping list.  It has the same delectable crispness that we enjoyed in the cinnamon flavored cookie brittle, the peppermint and rich butter flavors are perfectly blended, and the glittering crunchy sugar on top is totally in sync with the sparkle of the season.  The cookies were superb with a cup of hot chocolate!

Based on our taste tests of cinnamon and peppermint cookie brittle, it’s hard to imagine you could go wrong with any of Mother Rucker’s cookie brittle flavors, and it would be a shame to miss the special seasonal cookies.  We found them at Central Market, but you can order them directly from Mother Rucker’s website.

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