Moni’s Famous House Tomato & Oil Vinaigrette

People sometimes begin a new business venture because they want a better way of life, and that is Ditran Saliovski’s story.  He grew up in his family’s restaurant business and became a restaurateur himself.  Although he loved many things about the hospitality business, he and his wife wanted more quality family time.  A February 2012 article profiling the family in Frisco Style recounts Ditran’s “eureka” moment when he realized the family’s signature vinaigrette dressing probably had commercial appeal.  After all, it was the top-selling dressing in all of the family restaurants and customers carried it out in plastic containers.  With his family’s blessings, he began tweaking the recipe, removing corn syrup and preservatives and achieving an all-natural product.  The resulting vinaigrette is very bold and tangy.  It has a lot of body — much more than many vinaigrettes.  It definitely elevated my everyday “house” salad to super.  Moni’s website has some yummy-sounding recipes using their tomato and oil vinaigrette.  Ditran’s wife, Sanida, created a baked chicken recipe that I’ve bookmarked to try very soon.

Ditran and Sanida called on extended family members to develop more products for the Moni’s line, including a spicy marinara and a garlic and basil marinara.  According to the Frisco Style article, Saliovski siblings and cousins are actively involved in the business.  That seems to be very much a family tradition since Saliovski family members own more than 200 restaurants across Texas!

You can order directly from Moni’s website or check for a retailer near you.  Moni’s products are also now available in many Costco stores.

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