AustiNuts Snack Mixes

Allen and I snack a lot, but try to snack somewhat responsibly.  Lighter meals and in-between snacks suit our lifestyle better than a regular routine of heavy meals.  We try to keep a variety of ready-to-eat foods on hand that we enjoy, but are not heavily processed (not counting the peanut butter Oreos Allen currently has stashed in the pantry).  OK, we aren’t perfect!

Dry roasted nuts are the specialty of AustiNuts, and because they contain no oil, they are healthier, taste crisper and fresher.  Snack mixes with a variety of nuts, crackers and seasonings are also among the company’s most popular products.  (Note:  the snack mixes do contain oil.)  I had seen their nuts and snack mixes before, but had not had an opportunity to try them until now.  I tasted several different snack mixes, and selected two to bring home for Allen to try.  The Spicy Party Mix lives up to its name with cayenne peanuts, chili lime peanuts, crescent-shaped chili crackers, sesame seeds, jalapeno cheddar sticks, and cajun sesame sticks.  It would make perfect game day fare with cold beverages.  My favorite is the Spicy Mediterranean Snack Mix.  It contains peanuts and sunflower kernels seasoned with sugar and spices.  The initial taste on the tongue is sweet, but a pleasant kick of heat follows.  If you enjoy sweet and savory combinations as I do, you will be a fan!

Doron Ilia and his mother, Cipi, own and operate AustiNuts.  Their website has a an extensive selection of nuts, snack mixes, and other specialty foods.  They also maintain a popular retail store in Austin, Texas.


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