Full Quiver Farms Garlic-Basil Cheese Spread

Mike and Debbie Sams have been dairy farmers for almost two decades.  Like many farm families, they found profitable farming extremely challenging, and in 2002 they decide to create a new revenue stream by making cheese.  They’ve found markets for their cheeses in grocery stores, farmers’ markets and at their own farm.  They offer fresh and aged cheese, cheese spreads, cheese balls and marinated cheeses.  We purchased their Garlic-Basil Cheese Spread.

This is a superb, creamy spread and the combination of garlic and basil flavors is outstanding.  We appreciate the Sams family’s natural approach to farming and cheese-making.  Their dairy cows graze on fresh grass all day, with their diets lightly supplemented by grain.  They use organic farming practices, and their delicious garlic-basil cheese spread is made with no preservatives or artificial colors.

The farm also offers other dairy products, whey-fed pork, grass-fed beef, free-range chickens, turkeys, and vegetables.  Mike and Debbie have made farming a family affair, with their children and grandchildren working along side them on their northeast Texas farm.  They even have a quaint vacation home available for rent on the farm.  The Sams family is a sterling example of the many resourceful, creative, hard-working farm families around the country who deserve our admiration and support.

Full Quiver Farms products can be found at Whole Foods and Central Market, as well as many farmers’ markets in Texas.

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