Sweet’s Milk Chocolate Orange Sticks

If your name is Sweet, perhaps you are just destined to be in the candy business.  Leon Sweet started his candy company in Portland, Oregon in 1892, and five generations later, the family is very proud to be a Salt Lake City based, American owned and operated business. Handmade taffy was an original signature item, and although the Sweet family’s candy-making processes have been modernized over the years, the company is still recognized for its fresh, quality products.

We tried Sweet’s milk chocolate orange sticks, orange jelly candies smothered in smooth, delicious chocolate.  It was love at first bite.  The bright citrus flavor is a natural with chocolate, and they offer a dark chocolate variety as well (YUM!).  My mom shares my obsession for orange and chocolate combinations, and she gave an enthusiastic vote of approval for Sweet’s Orange Sticks.

From the packaging to the products, Sweet’s products have a retro Americana vibe.  The website even offers patriotic options – red, white, and blue sour stars or taffy wrapped in classic red, white, and blue paper.  Taffy, jelly beans, cinnamon bears, licorice, and candy fruit slices take us back to more simple times.  Imagine how pleased the more “mature” people on your holiday gift list would be to receive these vintage candies from their childhood.  Or how much fun it would be to introduce children to “old-fashioned” candies?  Move over, Starbursts, Nerds and Skittles!

Sweet’s website has great search features, allowing to choose your candy by type, color, or occasion.  You can “mix your sticks” choosing from orange, raspberry, or even Cabernet fillings!  Taffy purchases can also be mixed to your preference.

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