Wackym’s Kitchen Margarita Cookies


Life is sweet ~ eat great treats

Now, that is a corporate slogan we can all get behind, right?  Wackym’s Kitchen Margarita Cookies were an impulse buy during a trip to Central Market, and these sweet and savory treats exceeded our expectations.  Margarita flavored desserts are plentiful, especially in Texas and the Southwest.  So often, they are super-sweet confections that have more lime than margarita flavor.  Not so with these cookies!  A serious dash of salt balances the lime sweetness, reminding us of (surprise!) a margarita.  The cookies are perfectly crisp and rich, and could easily become an addiction.  No hangover worries, though!

Wackym’s cookies are made from fresh ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors.  The website offers seven flavors in addition to margarita:  lemon, peanut crunch,  chocolate snicker doodle,  mocha chocolate chip, oatmeal walnut currant, salted caramel, and rosemary cornmeal shortbread.  Is your mouth watering yet?  The gift collection is very reasonably priced with some classy options, including a keepsake bamboo box stuffed with seven bags of their most popular cookie flavors.  Even better, Wackym’s Kitchen will bake to your order, so corporate gifts or special occasion cookies are just a mouse-click away.  Wackym’s Kitchen cookies are also sold at numerous retailers in Texas.

Paul Wackym, the Chief Cookie Officer,  was a food product development manager for Neiman Marcus before he opened his own kitchen.  What a training ground!  As he learned the business end of successful food development and production, he realized he wanted to have his own products.  He develops his own recipes, using the foods he loves, working with flavor combinations that intrigue him, and some that baffle him!  Paul is also the marketer-in-chief for his delectable treats.  Wackym’s Kitchen’s Facebook page lists his promotional appearances at various markets in Dallas and surrounding areas.  I hope I run into him before his seasonal Hatch Chile Chocolate Chip cookies are gone!


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